Usher in the spring with Snowdrops – Places to go

As we move into February and spring is just around the corner (yes really!) there are lots of places to see snowdrops; from National Trust Properties (such as Baddesley Clinton or Painswick Rococco Gardens in the Cotswolds) to the National Garden Scheme (NGS) “Festival of Snowdrops”. So wrap up warm, get the walking shoes on and get out there.

Evenley Wood near Brackley always boasts a wonderful display of many different varieties of Snowdrops. Open this year from 2nd – 26th February with plants for sale and café facilities at the weekends, £6 entry for adults, or free to RHS members. For more details see

Close to home, Hanwell Community Observatory in Hanwell near Banbury, has its regular “Stars and Snowdrops” event on the 9th and 10th February from 10.30 – 5.00. Admission £2.50, Teas £2.00. See
Thenford Arboretum, near Middleton Cheney, home to Michael Hestletine, is also open on Wednesday 6th February from 2.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 16th February. Admission, by pre-booked ticket only, is £12. Tickets have to be applied for in advance, for details see their website

Hill Close Gardens in Warwick has a special snowdrop day on 16th February from 11.00 – 4.00 with snowdrops for sale. Admission £4.50. See

Also relatively near, Elm Close Gardens in Welford on Avon, near Stratford, is open for the NGS on 16th and 17th February from 11.00 admission 4.00. This is a small garden but full of interest and has hellebores and other spring plants on show as well as snowdrops. See

Blenheim Palace in Woodstock has thousands of snowdrops planted around the Temple of Diana and in the Secret Garden, together with other spring bulbs and winter aconites. Entry to the park and gardens only is £17 but RHS members can get in for free from 1st February to 12 April. Check their website on for opening times.

If you fancy going beyond the U.K. then there are even Snowdrop festivals in the Netherlands and Germany such is the popularity of these beautiful little gems. See for details of where to see snowdrops in the wider U.K. and in Holland and Germany.