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Splash out with Summer Flowering Bulbs

Splash out with summer flowering bulbs.  It’s just starting to feel like spring and I’m itching to start planting things but trying to control that impulse as I know it’s too early. It’s not too early though, to start thinking about summer colour and as the spring bulbs poke their heads out, it reminded me […]

An annual injection of colour

Annual flowers are often dismissed as being just for bedding or filling baskets and troughs, but Hardy and Half Hardy Annuals are a great way to add colour in gaps in your borders, for cutting for flower arranging, or grown near your vegetables to encourage beneficial insects. Now that the soil is getting warmer there […]

Cut to the point – time to coppice

Coppicing from the French verb couper, meaning to cut, is a traditional forestry management skill used for hundreds of years to produce wood for firewood, poles and charcoal and to prologue the life of trees. Traditionally trees like Ash, Chestnut, Elder, Beech and Hazel are cut to the ground and then new shoots are left […]

Planting for winter bird feeding

If you’re beginning to feel that the birds are eating you out of house and home and you’re having to replenish feeders every few days – there is another way. Think about what you plant in your garden and provide some ‘natural bird food’ on an ongoing basis. You could start by not being too […]